we had to do a tableau for directing class and i sketched mine first

finished it off a bit

it is, as my teacher says, rather fucking greek

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yall need jesus.jpg

theatre tech + klutz = ow

grumble grumble out of practice grumble

bebe (!) | me | fashun


more doodle

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sigh doodles

Hi! Anon who asked me about ANEXT and the business card

tumblr is being tumblr and won’t let me post a response, so here it is:

heyo thanks!! I hope you had a good con, AN was pretty solid this year. 

also part of Project ICICLE are nina, jenny, choo, irene (I.. don’t think she has an art tumblr but there’s her dA, and zag (I don’t think she has an art-specific tumblr either). 

cheers! :)

Another commission from AnimeNext: Yuno with a Yuki body pillow