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Sometimes I lament how Hawke-centric DA2 is because no matter how hard you try party cycling, you can only see part of the companions’ relationships with each other :L

#2: His wardrobe suddenly took a bath in black dye.

#3: BOOM!

Okay so he kind of is shitting you but you won’t catch him admitting it!

The wondrous spicyshimmy suggested Adventure Time!Dragon Age. Featuring POUNCE the CAT, ANDERS the HUMAN, and Hawke the Gumball Prince (Viscount?).

WHHHHheeeeee. You may all question your collective sanity now. 

amaranthined and I swapped prompts again. Her Hawke, Asteria, giving Fenris a piggy back ride. +Aveline bc I love Aveline.

Zag: nathaniel and anders
Zag: something
Zag: idk like anders making ser pounce alot dance on nate’s shoulder and nate is like wtf are you on

Is this sufficient


What in Maker’s name is that sound?

Quick doodle before I sleep because I am in Anders withdrawal D: I’ve been playing DA:O lately and URGH. 

Can you guess what song I was listening to? (hint: when I first saw the MV, my face was basically stuck like Anders’s for a whole 4 minutes).

I was going to do a page of doodles to warm up but I feel like conking out already (wtf) so here’s a half page.

My new warden, Aristo Surana aka the little shit (EGO OFF THE WAAAALLS he’s so fun to play), Loghain being looking like an ass, Anders being cool, and Saemus for amaranthined.

Also MAKER NUOOOOH because that space was too empty.


It was 3:15 when I started this and I was actually going to fuck it and go to sleep but I couldn’t ditch a project on the second day

So I just drew Anders doing what I feel like doing. And I will feel like doing for the next 15 or so hours.

establishing a daily anders sketch routine, blargh.

every day before going to bed :L