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And Doc Scratchhhhh also for Kris.

I based him off my high school’s Vice Principal and now he’s scaring me omfg I’m going to just… never look at this again.

For Kris :P

Human!Clubs Deuce? I didn’t do a very good job. Construed short —> young bc I can’t draw short people without fucking up and I didn’t want to waste my life on this aaaaahhhh

I put some effort (read: 5 movies’ worth of sewing) into making a bunny base for a cyborg Liv Tyler but then one arm was sewn on lopsided and somehow one’s also larger than the other despite my using the same pattern for both ._.;;

I love it to bits, though, because I haven’t sewn a stuffed animal since 6th grade. It has no eyes yet, though, so I stuck some reinforcements I had handy. Might… not have improved on the creepiness.

So I saw some Jojostuck art floating around last week, drafted some things, and then promptly forgot about it. Then littlezas’ rendition reminded me that this needed to be done.

And then I fanart like the fucking wind.

Jumping on the bandwagon. Haven’t drawn in a while, eh.

Started this when my power first went out and hated it then. Still kinda do.

Posting before I hate it more afjioaw;ejriawe

EB: oh man, dave what are you wearing?

EB: it’s like you’re the red flash or something!

TG: its not red its amaranth

TG: jesus egbert get it right

I knew you would.

So this is a testament to how my brain simply doesn’t function right at 1am. I watched XMFC one too many times and somehow thought the Psiioniic’s suit made him look kinda like one of the X-Men and therefore Sollux got made into Cyclops? Sort of?